Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tomorrow is THE day.

I spent the day making homeschool checklists for 12yo and 14yo.  12yo? Easy, peasy.  Her schedule is a continuation of what she's been doing.  The 14yo?  In the next few days I predict that some of you will sense a disturbance in the force.  I expect this to be cataclysmic.  Sort of like the Greek Gods vs. the Titans.  Yes, a huge power struggle is about to commence.  And you know what?  I expect to win! ;)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Do or do not. There is no try.

Yes, I'm quoting Yoda.

I came to the painful realization this week that I need to either do homeschool or quit.  Ouch!  My 14yo "forgets" to do school and I let it slide rather than confronting her about it.  I informed her Wednesday, with Dad present, that starting Monday she will do what I assign or we will have to make alternative schooling arrangements.  We are both at fault and I intend to do my part to rectify the situation.

Here I sit on a Saturday morning trying to figure out where to start over.   I'm also mulling over how to homeschool with a child who is passive aggressive.  How do I get her to do her work without having a melt down myself?  I don't want to be babysitter who has to watch her every move. 

12yo is doing good.  She complains about school work, but she does it.  We have found the right fit for her - Rod & Staff textbooks (math, history, and science).  Grammar and writing are our biggest weaknesses.  IEW writing is perfect for her when Mom follows through.  Grammar is just plain tough for her to grasp, so it is easy to let it slide.

8yo?  The kid needs help with everything.  She is a completely different ball of wax.  I've tried Rod & Staff with her but it is over her head.

No matter what we use, I believe consistency will be the key.  Just do it ... every day.