Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dec 2-8

Wondering  what happened to November?  Yeah, me too.

We have a few activities that are winding down for the holidays.  Gymnastics is finished for the term.  14yo put in almost 20 hours of service participating in a puppet show right after Thanksgiving.  We were spending 40 minutes driving her to and from the church building where it was held.  I'm glad she did it.  I am glad it is over.

This weekend the choir 17yo sings in will have two performances then she will be finished for the year too.  We will be seeing most of her doctor's over the next 4-5 days.  Assuming we won't need to see any of them any time soon, we should have at least a month's break from doctor's appointments.

The 14yo and 17yo are keeping quite busy with their TJEd co-op classes.  We are forever trying to find the time to study biology and they seem to daily have their noses in books for their leadership and American History classes.

10yo on the other hand had a lot of down time during November.  I was spending so much time going to the dentist (broken tooth and then a crown), doctor (inguinal hernia), and chauffeuring sisters that it was easy to let her education move to the back burner.  We have actually done school this week for which I am thankful.  It's hard to face up to how much time we lost, but all we can do is move forward.

For my birthday back in the spring my family gave me a few Amazon gift cards.  I found a great deal ($30) on a set of eight Magic School Bus DVDs.  Only a homeschool mom would spend her birthday money on educational materials, right?  10yo and I are enjoying watching them together.

I'll have surgery for the inguinal hernia in January.  I am nervous!  I have a feeling we'll get quite a bit of homeschool done with me stuck in the bed for a bit.