Friday, May 15, 2015

May 15, 2015

We were productive while at the community college; not so much the other days.  Thursday 17yo was a passenger in a car that was rear-ended.  I spent the afternoon trying to determine if she needed to see a doctor and then taking her to the doctor.

Here's a more interesting write-up:
Today we followed Bilbo into the Lonely Mountain, made our first brief visit to Sweden, scaled the walls of New Carthage with Cornelius Scipio, watched the Spartan Lysander lay siege to Athens, cringed when Charles II was beheaded and then Cromwell was exhumed and beheaded too, met a new religious leader - Zoroaster, and learned about the external structure of trees. Math, grammar, and spelling were thrown in for good measure.
And this is why my brain feels like it has had a whisk taken to it.
Love learning! Just hope it doesn't fall out of my head overnight... or in the next few seconds.

Working in Lesson 15 - adjectives.  The 2nd Punic War with Cornelius Scipio in Spain.

40-45  Common Fractions

The END!  We have finished Rod & Staff 6.  Who knows if she will retain the information, but we are done!

continuing LOE high frequency world list level 4

Literature - The Hobbit
Ch. 10 workbook
Ch. 11

22 Butterflies II
23 Unit IV Review
24 Wasps

2 The Root System
3 The External Structure of a Stem

Review Europe I, Norway, Sweden

American History
Memoria Press
20. The Beginning of New York
21. William Penn

A History of US
West to Jersey
Cromwell and Charles
William the Wise

World History
The People of Ancient Persia (Mills)

Classical Studies
Famous Men of Greece
Review 4

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