Friday, May 8, 2015

May 8, 2015

Well, it was nice while it lasted.   Normal life has descended upon me again.  In other words, we couldn't seem to get in gear this week.  It is true that I had a cold but it should NOT have slowed us down that much.  I might not have felt great, but I was putting in the same hours.  How could we have accomplished so little?

13yo started another session of swimming lessons this week.  We've been going twice a week since September.  We are both ready for a break (summer).

We finished Christian Studies II this week.  I flipped through the workbook and realized that I had forgotten almost everything.  And if I did?  I imagine 13yo doesn't remember much either.  It looks like it is time for a "slow but steady" long-term review.

Lesson 14 in Lively Latin Big Book 1 has been completed and we'll start lesson 15 next week.

Only one more chapter in English 6.  I'm wondering how much has been retained.  I keep telling myself that exposure will help her when her brain is ready.

The loser this week? Ancient History.  There never seemed to be enough time.  We did do a little with The Hobbit, but it suffered also.

I let 13yo go to a sleepover Thursday night, so Friday was a complete bust.  Her brain wasn't functioning at all.

English derivatives and more 2nd Punic War (Cannae)

Distance, rate, and time word problems, line graphs, prime factors, greatest common factors, lowest common multiples.

Misplaced phrases and clauses, courtesy in conversation, interjections, parts of speech review.


The Hobbit Ch. 9
Ch. 10 - read only

Science - insects
19 Moths 1
20 Moths II
21 Butterflies I

Trees - 1 Systems

Birds - 1 Feathers

UK, Ireland

American History
A History of US
The Pueblos Win - At Least for Now
What's a Colony?
Silver Nails and Big Tub

World History
Nothing :/

Classical Studies
Famous Men of Greece

Christian Studies II
Psalms of Joy
Jonah; Vision of Days to Come

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