Friday, May 29, 2015

May 29, 2015

We aren't finished, but I'm done.  Somehow I totally lost my oomph over the Memorial Day weekend.

I plan to do math daily over the summer.
I hope to do bird and tree studies.
Anything else that occurs will be a miracle.

Latin - So close to the end of lesson 15 in Lively Latin 1.   We are diagramming attributive adjectives and predicate adjectives.  Scippo has landed in Africa.

Math - decimal fractions

Spelling - LOE high frequency words list #5

Literature - The Hobbit - working on chapter 15.

Insects - 28 & 29 Bees

Geography - Finland

American History - A History of US: Making Thirteen Colonies
Benjamin Franklin
Maryland's Form of Toleration
Carry Me Back to Ole Virginny
The Good Life

Famous Men of Greece - Xenophon

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